June Round-up and Giveaway Alert!

So, another month has come to an end, and it is time to rewind it and see what happened on Stitch Floral during this time. And apart from remembering the posts and making sure you didn't miss anything, let's also take a peek into July plans and I will tell some exciting news!

June Round-up

We started this month with the post about covering up your mistakes in hand embroidery. The post is quite specific, taking into consideration only a few particular stitches and a particular situation. However, it can be applied to many other instances in your hand embroidery routine.

I just hope that you remember, that 1). we all do mistakes no matter your experience and skills, 2). sometimes we all want to slack off a little and look for an “easy” way out rather than picking out stitches, 3) there are times and situations when picking out your stitches is not even that good of an idea (more on that in the post).

Read the post for a couple of “lifehacks” that might make your hand embroidery experience a bit easier :)

We also learned a few new stitches! And they are one of my favorites ones, at that.

There are many stitches and techniques that I adore with my all my heart and LOVE love seeing them applied in others' needleworks, but still haven't figured out how to apply them in MY embroidery.

Nevertheless, I just continue to gush over these stitches and maybe, someday, inspiration will come, and they will appear in my designs as well :)

The new stitches from June are the knotted line stitches: Scroll stitch, Palestrina and Mountmellick. All of the posts contain a lot of step by step pictures so you can practice without any worry and confusion :)

I hope you will try them out and find a great way to use them in your works!

Lastly, our Needlepainting tips series received Part 10! When I started these posts, I wouldn't even imagine that there would be so many parts, but here we are! And that's not even the end, because there are still many tips and tricks to mention.

In the latest part of Needlepainting tips, we spoke about the needlepainting rows and how to get them right. Patterns for long and short stitching often have the rows and patches of color marked, and even if they are not marked, you can mark them yourself. But as you fill the area there is one mistake you might be doing that will lead your rows to be misplaced.

It is very easy to fix it, though! Read the post and see step by step pictures to know how to do it right :)

July plans

Expect my new design, water lily “Anima” go on sale on Monday!

I'm really excited about this launch and this design holds a VERY special meaning to me, one that I myself didn't even expect to find in it. Well, more on that later...

For now, I can promise you that it will be a great way to combine long and short stitching practice with color therapy :)

You can also expect a freebie goodie during this month, involving some ribbon stitches! Possibly new stitches or techniques to learn, as well.

Lastly, there will be a giveaway on July 12th, so mark your calendars! I'm giving you a heads-up, because I will be choosing a winner in a matter of one day, so you better be in time to participate :) 

Hope you are having a great time this summer!

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