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Boho hand embroidery pattern

Catch my new design in the Etsy store! Read more about it below :)

Unexpectedly, this design took much longer time to complete... because of traveling and unsuccessful attempts to adapt at a new place. One of the new things I learned about myself during the past couple of months is that it is really difficult to pick up embroidery at a new place. Do you relate?

Well, the design is finally finished! Better late than never, right?

There is a lot I would like to say about this design, and also want to leave a lot unsaid so that perhaps you find some special meaning in it yourself.... :)


Let's talk about the concept first.

Surprisingly, at first, I just wanted to embroidery a water lily and that's all. Then came the colors: a palette that is quite unusual for me. Then came the idea about the shape of the flower... I was determined to leave the upper petals not symmetrical in contrast with the lowest ones. It was just my intuition at first, and only later I realized why that makes sense.

Boho hand embroidery pattern

The complete understanding of what this flower is to me came during Ramadan, while I was fasting. It is the time when you focus especially strongly on your soul, your connection with God, and, it's probably one of the most introspective periods of the year for many muslims. And while I was working on this design I noticed how some of the elements resonate with me and my understanding of “spirit”.

You might notice that the upper petals are not really symmetrical. Their color palette is also warmer and more intense. For me, they represent the “fire” of the soul rising up... I believe each of us can give our personal meanings to the concept of the “fire” that lives in our soul, and I will not give mine so that you can think for yourself. However, in the context of the pattern, I see it as a positive force :)

Boho hand embroidery pattern

On the contrary, the lower set of the petals is built in symmetry and has a cooler palette of colors, albeit getting warmer the closer it gets to the center. I wonder what you think of those? Personally, I call them a “lake of tranquility”. Their position reminds of water surface. Their colors are more calm and peaceful.

Together, these two sets of petals, balance each other out and create a special harmony. Irregularity and Symmetry, Fire and Water, Chaos and Order, Agitation and Tranquility. There is so much you can see in this unity!

Boho hand embroidery pattern

To reitirate, this water lily is only a reflection of positive forces in our soul. Although I do acknowledge that all of us have some darkness inside... Maybe I will explore it later in another work. While this one, I want to leave it pure and bright :)


So that's how this flower got called “Anima”. This word means “life, soul, breath, vital force” in the Latin language.

Long & short stitch practice + Color therapy

So, did you notice how colorful this flower is?

You know, while working it, I realized that color therapy is a real thing. It is hard to explain it in words, but the fact that it did have an affect on my mind and soul, is true. When I look at it, I feel healed inside. Just some unexplainable feeling of happinness and comfort, haha. Maybe it is the new appreciation for how colorful and multi-layered the world around us is?

Boho hand embroidery pattern

Most of the flower is worked in long and short stitching. You will need to fill the petals with up to 8 colors! It might sound difficult, but thanks to the constant change of colors you actually will not even notice how easy and fast it is. I mean, “fast” is a relative term. Personally, the central upper petal took me about 7 hours to complete (remember that I take pictures of my steps and it also takes time), but I didn't notice how the time passed at all. So, be careful, it is addicting!

Other stitches that you will practice in this design are stem stitch, split stitch, coral stitch, french knot, satin stitch and back stitch. If you are a regular reader of Stitch Floral, you should be familiar with all these stitches (and if not, head to the Stitch Library for tutorials). But even so, like always, I include the explanation of stitches in my PDF tutorial as well.

Boho hand embroidery pattern

By the way, as a reader of this blog you have one more advantage because I actually explained in more detail the method of long and short stitch filling with solid color before, using this design as an example!

Working this design was a whole trip and I LOVE how many new things I learned both in terms of hand embroidery and in terms of exploring my own self, while sitting and stitching it.

“Anima” is already available for purchase at my Etsy store, so head there and check it out. I wonder what kind of experience you will have while working it and what kind of meaning it will have for you personally :)

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