August Round-up

August Round-up

Let's remember what happened on Stitch Floral during the past month and also I will tell you some exciting news :)

So, starting with the news! I can barely keep it inside!

I'm working on a “Needlepainting for beginners” course and I really really hope to launch it this month! It's going to consist of video lessons with exercises and practical tips, you will see the whole process of me working long and short stitch in various situations, including the “final project” where you will be able to apply everything you've learned. More details coming soon so please stay tuned :)


Aaand now, coming back to the main topic of the post: let's review everything that happened on Stitch Floral in August.

First of all, we've learned some new stitches! Check the posts about feather stitch variations and fishbone stitch variations (plus leaf stitch) to make sure you know them. Hopefully, soon our Stitch Library will be finally complete! Which doesn't mean that the new sticthes will stop though. Just that the most common ones will be covered and we will start digging deeper into the stitches lexicon and many stitches will be new for me too.

By the way, check out hand embroidery lettering ideas too, for tips on how to stitch quotes, monograms, and phrases in various styles! I included some real examples from my own embroidery practice so you can choose the look you prefer.

If you're familiar with the problem of fabric puckering you need to read this post for some practical advise and a wonderful real story of how this problem was conquered by one of the readers!

Lastly, here's a tutorial for DIY scissors fob! We use scissors all the time in hand embroidery, why not add a bit of decoration and smile whenever you see them :)

What about you? How was your August and what are the plans for September?

Hope you enjoy your every day!


  1. Well August was FULL of great information and instructions. Your beginner's class IS exciting news. Thank you for continuing to blog.
    xx, Carol

    1. Thank you for keeping up, Carol! Hope you have lots of happy days ahead :)


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