Needlepainting for beginners: final project

Needlepainting for beginners Peony

And Peony is finished!

This is the last preview for my Needlepainting for beginners course. Now I will drown myself in editing and compiling videos, texts, patterns, etc, haha.


UPDATE: The course is launched! Enroll now

But before I go MIA let me tell you a bit more about the Peony design :)

Needlepainting for beginners Peony

First of all, one of the things that may surprise you is that Peony is not that small in size for a “beginner” project. It actually measures ~11.5cm in width and ~14cm in height.

The reason for that is because, from my own experience, bigger shapes are a bit easier to work in needlepainting when you are a beginner.

One of the most important factors that decide how smooth and neat your long and short stitch is going to look is correct direction of stitches. And in smaller designs if there are several colors in one little area to be used and if the shape of this area is even a bit quirky, it can be very confusing to find the correct direction and lay your stitches right.

On the contrary, the bigger the area, the easier it is to lay your stitches correctly even if there are many colors to be used.

Needlepainting for beginners Peony

Needlepainting for beginners Peony

Needlepainting for beginners Peony

Yes, a bigger design will take a bit more time to work. But since it is more straightforward in the strategy of laying your stitches, I believe it is more likely to leave you with a nice result and in the end, the time you spend embroidering it will be worth it :)

Besides, you will have a video of the process of me working it, so there will be even less confusion.

Lastly, it will be worked after the exercises which are smaller in size. So you will already train yourself on smaller-scale shapes and having larger areas to work with in the Peony pattern will be basically a relief.

I'm really sooo excited about the course! 

I've got questions about the approximate price and even though I still can't say for sure right now (it will be more clear once I have everything ready), I can tell that I'm targeting 50-60$ ;)

The course is due to be released before September ends so stay tuned!


  1. Hi ! Will you edit a written document (pdf or other one) accompanying every lesson ? It would be easier to translate for me ...... thanks for all these detailed presentations !! Chantal from France

    1. Hi, Chantal! Yes, there will be written texts and I will keep your needs in my mind :)


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