Buttonhole stitch practice: free PDF pattern

Buttonhole stitch practice: free PDF pattern

Today, with this post, the Buttonhole stitch lessons come to an end! It's been an avalanche of information about this stitch this month and the best way to digest all of this data is to stitch it out! That's why today I prepared this free PDF pattern for you to practice the buttonhole stitch and become best buddies with it.

Before you start stitching this pattern I recommend reading following lessons:

The pattern focuses specifically on “Variations” and “Filling the shapes” topics, because I believe if you master these two aspects, stitching a simple buttonhole line will be a piece of cake for you. Nevertheless, if you never ever tried buttonhole stitch, I recommend going to the Lesson 1 and working at least a couple of straight lines for better understanding of how this stitch works.

Buttonhole stitch practice: free PDF pattern

The variations of buttonhole stitch are worked as a decoration for the watering can: closed stitch at the bottom and a combination of crossed and knotted buttonhole stitch in the middle.

Buttonhole stitch practice: free PDF pattern

There are also various shapes you can fill with the buttonhole stitch: round and petaled flowers, leaves and the border at the top of the watering can.

As for the rest, you can use any stitches you like! I used back stitch for the outline of the watering can, stem stitch for the stems, french knots for tiny blooms and center of the flowers and lazy daisy stitch for little leaves.

Naturally, you can use any colors and threads you like to stitch this pattern :) Just enjoy it to the fullest! And don't forget to share your result! :)

And here's a little peek into my stitching process:

Buttonhole stitch practice: free PDF pattern


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