Magnolia Stitch Along: Your results!

Magnolia Stitch Along: Your results!

It's been more than 2 months since the end of our Magnolia Stitch Along and it is time to celebrate our results!

I made sure to give you plenty of time to finish your works because everyone has their routines and schedules. I guess it was the right decision as from what I noticed some of you have only just finished the design.

It's fine though! The pleasure of working a design comes first, so take your time.

However, although not everyone has yet completed Magnolia, I think making the gallery post now is better than delaying it further.

If you still haven't completed yours, maybe seeing others' results will give you a boost to finish it sooner! And when you do, share your work in the comments section below the post, you can include pictures there :)

Also, I want to take some time and tell you again, that everyone did a great job with this design! I know I already said it before in the posts and personally to you in the letters, but I really hope you feel how much every your effort is appreciated! If you enjoyed the stitch along, had fun along with other participants, learned something new and improved your skills – that's what matters the most!

Now, let's take a look at your results and in the end discuss future plans for the next stitch along, shall we?

Sue Couch
Thank you so much for all your instructions!! What a great help!! It was fun!!”

Many thanks for your helpful commentary”

Kathleen Gray
I framed it and there’s a light reflection from the window.
I learned a lot from this project and won’t mention the number of times I had to pick out threads and start over! :D”

Liz B. Williams
I'm done.... it's framed. Thank you for this time together. I would have NEVER stitched this Magnolia even though I had everything! You were right in saying that it was a little difficult in seeing the color change in the book. But we gone it done and it looks beautiful. And now I can Needle Paint with confidence”

Marty Anderson
It was really helpful watching how you approached everything.  I had not realized how little direction was in the book for a beginner. I’m not sure I would have ever figured it out on my own. Thanks for your help!”

Done, at last it was long and hard, many errors”

Done! It was quite a challenge, and I'm thrilled to finish it!”

Caroline Odile
Thanks a lot for this stitch along, I am proud of participating”

Susan Pitcher
Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!  I learned so much from your approach and tips and so enjoyed the project”.

For some of you, it was the first experience of needlepainting, and I can't be prouder of how your hard work came out! Congratulations on wonderful results!

If you want to try this Magnolia design too, you can still do that! You can source the design in Trish Burr's book “Long and short stitching: a collection of flowers” or as a digital pattern in her e-store and then use my process of stitching it as a guidance.

As for the next Stitch Along, your suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

Would you like the next project to be a little easier and quicker to work? Or would you like something of the same scale? I don't think we will do something more complicated, so the question is only whether this one was too difficult or not. Share your wishes in the comments below or through the contact form, I'm eager to know what you think!

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  1. Will we be able to purchase this pattern and colour guide? Would love to also take part.


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