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golden thread embroidery

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Or, how to fall in love with metallic thread and actually enjoy embroidering with it!

No, really. The main purpose of this project was to show everyone that it's actually possible to have a nice time with a strand of metallic thread in the needle :)

Long time ago...

At the dawn of my “embroidery career”, I've had some scarring experiences with metallic thread which made me unwilling to ever go that way no matter how sparkly and shiny these threads look... Then I tried DMC Diamant thread and I shared my impressions about this thread here in this blog post.

Truthfully, it was kinda fun to play with it but only temporarily. It wasn't as horrible as the regular 6-stranded metallics (they may have gotten better, I'm only judging from my experience from several years ago) but still didn't ignite a wish to work with again.

The main problems I faced back then were:

  • The thread was fraying;

  • The 3 plies of thread getting separated all the time, making the thread lose the unified look;

  • The fact that the thread doesn't lie down on fabric “flat”, it actually rises quite much above the fabric.

I suppose it is something one can get used to and learn to navigate. However, it didn't allow me to enjoy the process to the fullest, so I just put it away for the time being.

golden thread embroidery

golden thread embroidery

Why can't it be more simple??

Frankly speaking, I've always been into drawings, pottery, journaling and various other art forms with a touch of gold. Surprisingly, I'm not someone who likes wearing golden jewellery or anything twinkling for that matter. But with art forms, it's a different story.

So when I was practicing my drawing skills I realized that I really like adding details with a golden marker. It just somehow elevated the whole look?

Then I just felt desperate.

Why can't working with golden thread just be easier??? Why can't I just add some details to my embroidery with a metallic? Why do I have to endure all the fraying and twists and other headache :D

Long story short, I decided to give DMC Diamant a second chance... And it worked!

floral crescent embroidery

The secret recipe

Let's get straight to the business.

First of all, now I use only 1 ply of this thread instead of the unified 3-plied thread (despite the fact that DMC says it is not supposed to be separated, 1 ply actually works MUCH better).

Secondly, I found a way to concentrate all the fraying around one area – around the needle eye. It's actually pretty obvious. Any thread will experience increased levels of stress around that area because of the folding. If you keep the needle at the same place all the time, all the fraying will stay there.

Realistically, I don't think it is possible to get rid of fraying completely. But when you know that it is under YOUR control, it gives you some confidence and doesn't bother as much. It's just where you expect it to be.

Thirdly, I give preference to the stabbing method of stitching and try to keep the thread as straight as possible. Meaning if it tangles on itself (happens to all threads, not only metallics), it is better to untangle it first and only then continue to use. Well, I find it actually easier to do than with cotton floss, and it happens more rarely with this metallic, so it's a win.

There are some other tips that make working with DMC Diamant a real joy. I shared them all in the new pattern. Explaining all the secrets took 4 pages, I really hope it will be a helpful guide to many of you :)

Honestly, I just wish you could all feel the joy of working with a metallic. It's a wonderful feeling!

Of course, everything else that you need to work this project is also in the document: embroidery basics, stitch lessons, DMC chart, step by step instructions, as well as lots and lots of pictures.

The long and short stitching in this project is quite challenging for beginners but there are suggestions on how to work the petals without color blending. You'll be alright, champion! :)


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  1. Years ago when I was struggling with metallic threads like DMC Diamant, my Dad (who was an industrial chemist in the textile industry) suggested that I should wipe my cut lengths with a weak solution of hair conditioner and let it dry naturally. It did help a lot. That was 25 years ago, so it would be worth experimenting to see whether it works on the the current materials.

    1. Hi, Rachel! Ah, I guess I prefer to avoid coating my thread with anything, neither wax nor cobditioners. I'm just wary of the long term result, what if it affects the thread's appearance :(

  2. A *light* coat of natural beeswax, using much shorter lengths of thread, and knotting the thread into the needle was the game changer for me

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