Lovely wreath of yellow poppies (hand embroidery design already in shop)

Today I want to tell you about one of my designs, which is already available in the shop. It is a wreath of yellow poppies, and I'm absolutely in love with it!

For some reason, I just can't stitch red poppies. I tried, honestly, but it just didn't go at all, so I had to stop. I don't know what is the root of this block. It's not like I don't like that sort of poppies or red color itself. Nothing like that. Maybe because they are a bit too traditional for me? This motive is quite overused in all sort of art and craft, so probably that's why I just had to go for something different.

Anyway, my collection consists now of yellow poppies and two designs of pink ones.

For those who are familiar with basics of hand embroidery, this design will be easy enough to complete. Stitches, which are used here:

  • Back stitch with whipping
  • Split stitch
  • Stem stitch
  • French knot
  • Padded satin stitch
  • Long and short stitch
  • Daisy stitch

The instructions file contains tutorials for all the stitches, direct and reversed patterns and DMC thread color guide.

The story of this design is pretty simple. I have a blanket with poppies. And you know, how it happens – sometimes you throw a glance at an item that was always there and “see” it for the first time. Wow! Something like this happened to me. These images of poppies kept hypnotizing me until a drew my own design, following the blanket motif. Putting flowers in a wreath was an "idée fixe" from the start and I'm pleased with how it turned out. 


Stems are my favorite part of the design. The way they are intertwining reminds me of grape vines.

I love poppies' stems – they are so delicate, thin and seem so fragile, as if they are going to break because of the petals' weight. In my design I tried to reflect this frailness and also added a bit of volume by whipping the back stitch. This makes the stems incredibly realistic.

Yellow poppies usually have stamen of yellow or orange hues. However, for the sake of color variety and contrast, stamen became black in this design. This little fantasy helps to add a bit of depth to the flowers. Center of flowers is stitched in french knot, which also adds lovely texture.

One of the finishing ideas for this piece that appeals to me is making a round table napkin. This can be done by applying buttonhole stitch around the edge after the necessary shape is cut out. Another option is framing it and hanging on the wall – it will be a nice relaxing feast for the eyes with this calm color palette. Such designs also look fantastic on cushion covers. And if you want, you can embroider a monogram in the center, I bet it will look gorgeous!

You can purchase this design at my Etsy shop here. I provide a PDF file with instructions and tutorials for stitches, no physical item is going to be sent by post. I hope you will be enjoying every stitch you make while completing this design. And don't forget to share the picture of your work and the way you finished it!

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