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So they say that the "About" page should focus less on the author of the blog and more on its goal and value. But I want to become friends with you and for that, I think it's still necessary to tell about myself. So, this post will be the place where I will pour my heart out.

(I guess I should warn you here that English is not my mother language so you probably will meet some mistakes in my writing. I'm sorry for that, but please bear with me. I can only assure you that I read and study this language on a daily matter so I will try to improve!)

My name is Amina, I started learning hand embroidery around 2014. Previously I tried lots of other crafts: patchwork, decoupage, woodcraft, and even soap making. But my passion faded away after a while.  My journey to hand embroidery actually started with ribbon embroidery which is quite popular in Russia where I come from. After stitching some wild plants in the background for my new piece, I decided to explore this craft deeper and since then it didn't let me go!

What mesmerized me most of all was the huge variety of ways needle and thread allow you to express yourself. There are so many types of embroidery, so many nationals styles, so many stitches and threads and so many new opportunities! Maybe that's the reason why this craft doesn't let me go - because once you climb one of its mountains you will always find a new one ahead of you. And of course, I have the itch to explore it in all details and do all the possible experiments in this field!

Yes, as you may guess, I'm an experimenter by nature. My head is constantly full of ideas, which are buzzing around noisily until they are carried out in real life. I created this place so that I could share with you all my steps in this journey of constant learning and experimenting in hand embroidery.

Another fact about me: I'm also a "hamster" type of person, who likes to collect things (thread, fabric, pictures from the web for inspiration, books etc.). Surely, many crafters suffer from this "disease", but I actually collect my own embroidery as well. In my drawers, you can find all sorts of embroidered pieces which I am too unwilling to part with. I can't even name any reason for that - there is just a special feeling to having my embroidery in one place and being able to take it out any moment and gaze on it.

I prefer stitching my own designs. When I realized how deeply I got involved with hand embroidery, I decided that I want to make a living with this craft. Right now I have a small Etsy shop with my own hand embroidery designs. I like every part of the process. Having an inspiration, making up a design, drawing it on a piece of paper, coloring it with pencils and crayons, tracing it on the PC, then stitching it and creating easy-to-follow instructions. I always can see the space for improving, so my goal is to make the products better and better with every step I make.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line below in the comments section or write me in the contact form. Also, I would really love to hear your story of learning about hand embroidery! Please, share it with me and others. Let's inspire each other!


  1. Hi Amina, thank you ever so much for your blog. I'm VERY new to embroidery, and it's such a blessing to have your blog as a guide for learning how to embroider flowers, in particular. Thanks ever so much!

    1. Oh, it is a surprise anyone reads this post 😄 Thank you so much for following my blog, I will do my best :)

  2. Hi Amina, I found you by way of IG and I’m so glad I did. We have much in common I am relatively new to free hand embroidery, my other hobbies are cross stitch, quilting, wood burning, and painting. I have read your blog and I like your philosophy and approach. I am anxious to learn long and short stitch with a single strand or two. Such beautiful and delicate work. Thanks for being here, your “English writing” is SUPERB!

    1. Oh, thank you for reading my blog! ❤ I'm sure you will do great with needlepainting! Just keep going in your own pace and you will get to the place you want! :)

  3. Hello Amina! Very happy I found your blog, it's just so good! ♥️
    I'm new to embroidery, only a couple of months in, however I love all sorts of crafts - jewellery making first and foremost - and I dabble in everything creative 😅
    Also big hoarder of craft materials and 'things that may come in handy'
    I got here looking for advice on how to fill in irregular surfaces and so thankful for this absolute goldmine! Will go and check your IG too!
    All the best

    1. Hi, Stefania! Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel like home, hope we can enjoy embroidery together :)


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