Announcement: New Stitch Along coming! Apply Now

Announcement: New Stitch Along coming! Apply Now

Good morning, everyone! Hope you are enjoying the festive season! 

This is the last post of this year and I decided to make it special. So here's the announcement of a new stitch along that starts on January 12th! We're going to embroider a lovely rose by the name Cecelia. Read till the end for the details!

The stitch along is completely free. But you need to apply by Thursday, January 11th. To apply – just send an e-mail to saying you want to participate in the Cecelia Rose stitch along and I will send you the PDF pattern and the DMC thread index.

I will be sending the patterns right up until January 11th, so please make sure to apply during this period!

If you've already asked before to include you in the new stitch along, then you don't need to apply – chances are that the pattern is already in your inbox 😉.

Announcement: New Stitch Along coming! Apply Now

The stitch along comes in 3 parts in the following schedule:

Part 1 – January 12th
Part 2 – January 19th
Part 3 – January 26th

Thus, there is a week break between every part which provides enough time for completing the steps.

Of course, we all have our daily routine and other important business, so if this period is not enough for you and you don't manage to make it in time – no worries! All the steps will stay on the blog so you can catch up anytime.

However, the aim of the stitch along is to try and embroider it together, so that we can share our results and struggles, ask questions, encourage and support each other along the way. 

So, I guess that's all. If I missed anything, or you still have any questions, you can always write them in the comment section!

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's have a lot of fun stitching in 2018!

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