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Lovecrafts review

This post is not sponsored by LoveCrafts. I just still feel very grateful because not only did they name me as the craft blogger of the year, but also gave a generous coupon for shopping! So I wanted to give back to the best of my ability :)

Lovecrafts review

I don't really know how to do all these unpacking and haul reviews, because I'm usually simply very happy with whatever I get so there's not much to say. But I guess I will link the good stuff that I chose so that you can consider it too if you want.

Before I start with the products, I actually wanted to mention that delivery was much quicker than I expected. From the UK to Russia it took about 2 weeks! Frankly speaking, I thought it would take at least a month.

And also, I got a bonus: 10% discount for the next checkout (it has a time limit though). Feels very nice :)

Lovecrafts review

My order:

  • John James Beading Needles Pebble (10-12) and John James Embroidery Needles Pebble (5-10). I mostly use needles from the local stores and they get them from Russian manufacturies. So it will be interesting to see the difference. I also found myself leaning towards beading needles in long and short stitching more and more often. My current beading needles are a bit shorter than the ones from John James so I wonder if I it will be as convenient with them.
  • DMC Magnetic Needle Case. The needle case I got has a different pattern from the one presented in the store. I don't really mind, but it is something to take into consideration if you want to make a purchase.
    I still didn't test it. I mean I checked if it is magnetic and, indeed it is, haha. I just didn't start using it yet. But I do look forward to it. I usually keep the needles I use most often in a piece of felt so I wonder if having them in the case will be more convenient.
  • DMC Vintage Embroidery Scissors and Hemline Embroidery Scissors 90mm. Well, I will be honest here, I chose them because they were pretty! I just wanted a bit more variety and let my stork scissors have a little rest. And these new ones look better in pictures. By the way, again, DMC scissors look bronze on the website, and the ones I got are black. Not a big deal for me, I actually like the black ones I received. But if it is crucial for you, better contact the store and ask if the color you want is available.
  • No-Sew Fabric Glue. This is something I want to test as an alternative to the traditional methods of applique that we explored last time!
  • DMC Diamant metallic and DMC Light Effects Metallic Thread. Growing my stash of metallic threads! I'm already familiar with Diamant thread, so I just picked a new shade. As for the Light Effects, I want to see how differently it will perform on fabric. When you look them, they are virtually the same: three plies brought together to form one strand of thread. But their blend is actually quite different. Intriguing.
  • DMC Cotton a Broder 20 Blanc, DMC PerlĂ© Cotton No.5. Both of these threads are different from stranded cotton. Stranded cotton thread consists of 6 strands, right? But here it is one whole strand of thread.
  • DMC Tapestry Wool. Here my idiocy took over because I was, for some reason, very sure that this was stranded wool suitable for crewel embroidery, for example. I don't know what stopped me from actually checking out the picture more closely and seeing that this is a tapestry thread...Or, like, read the name more attentively? I just saw "wool" and ran to choose the shades I wanted :D. Well, my wool embroidery adventures get postponed again. And now I need to figure out what to do with the tapestry thread I got. But the thread is nice, by the way! What surprised me the most was how springy it was, haha.

Lovecrafts review

Lovecrafts review

Last but not least – SewEasy plastic snap frames. It is something I've wanted to try for a long time because my works are usually square or rectangular so, naturally, it would be more convenient for the frame to have 4 sides too.

This frame (also called Q-snaps) holds the tension very nicely and is easy to assemble. You can also adjust and fix the tension if it gets a little loose (which, to my experience of using it for 3 days, happens less often than with a round hoop).

All in all, I'm very happy with these snap frames. However, I didn't try using it with my stand yet, and if it they don't work together, that will be the only disadvantage of this frame... I realize that if you need a “rectangular frame” with a “stand” it calls for the stand frame, the one where you weave in your ground fabric. But I don't want to purchase one yet, it would be a bit too bulky for my current space.

And that's all!

Everything from this list left only good impressions.

There were these mishaps with colors and patterns on some goods, but I just want to say that people working in the store were very friendly and kind and told me continuously to ask them if I have any questions and tell them if I want some changes. So don't hesitate to contact them on these matters.

Also, they include several papers with the full list of what you ordered to make it easier for you to return it. You just check the box of the item you want to return, underline the reason and you can use the sticker with their address on your parcel. However, it says:

*Please note, that we cannot fulfill exchanges via our returns process. Please place a new order or contact us at If you think you have received the wrong item - please let our Smiles Team know and someone will help you. 

Keep it in mind. Their team is really friendly and ready to solve all the possible problems, though. I had some trouble with using the coupon too and they suggested several options to make it work. They had my interests as their priority so I definitely recommend them! :)

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