Needlepainting Tips Part 11, Stitch Floral is now on YouTube!

Needlepainting tips

Stitch Floral unexpectedly got a YouTube channel :)

Ever since Ranunculus Freebie went live, I've been getting such a positive response that I realized how much I underestimated the importance of video when you learn something.

Even though I also learned a lot through Youtube in my early days of embroidery “career”, I guess its effect sort of faded in my mind after some time passed and I got more confident in my stitching. So I didn't really think of starting a channel there until recently, and the feedback I got was like a gentle push in that direction.

Visual materials are indeed crucial for learning, aren't they?

I will keep this blog as a priority though, but once in a while will try to post some processes, tutorials or tips on Youtube. Here is my channel: stitch_floral. I will be very happy if you subscribe!

Henna embroidery design

As for the video, I decided to show you the full process of stitching a petal in my newest design.

The number of cuts during the editing was minimized so that you could have a picture as detailed as possible. I think there is only one cut and it jumps only through a couple of stitches. The rest of the process unfolds right in front of your eyes!

One more benefit of the video is that if you're going to purchase my new design, you will have a clear video of how to work probably its toughest element! So instructions will be even more transparent, isn't it great?

And, of course, I will not charge more for that when the pattern goes live since the video is on Youtube with free access. It would be unfair.

I hope you like it and find it helpful :)

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what type of videos you would like to see, please write it in the comments! Your opinion is very important since my goal is to make embroidery easier and more fun for YOU :)

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