Golden Henna: new embroidery design is already out!

Today I come bearing exciting news :)

The “Golden Henna” design that I'm sooo in love with, is already out and available for purchase! Check it out in my Etsy shop.

This design was inspired by zentangle and henna art that I was very much into in the beginning of January.

I bought a sketchbook for myself and tried doing some patterns and motifs following tutorials online. It was such a rewarding and relaxing exercise that when it came to preparing a new design, I immediately thought of it.

Truth be told, initially, I wanted to make it a very simple design that suits beginners in their very first steps. And maybe even make it in only 1 color of thread. But then, as it was evolving, and I was choosing some ideas and getting rid of the others, it became what it is. I decided to go with a color of gold (it is not a metallic thread though, it is a cotton floss that has a color close to golden) and a set of pinks. And I think it turned out great!

The color palette is really uplifting and all the brightness kind of boosts your energy for the day!

Complete beginners may find it a bit challenging because of the amount of long and short stitching (I couldn't help myself, haha) but I believe it is also a wonderful practice to hone your skills. Besides, you have a Youtube video with the full process of working one of the petals!

And, of course, as always, you get lots of step by step pictures :)

henna style embroidery

This flower also reminds me of Crewel embroidery in some ways... for example, it is also a fantasy flower, not a realistic one, and it has elements that are worked in a variety of ways. You have lattice grid here, long and short stitching, fishbone stitch, lazy daisy stitch motif and so on.

This variety is actually what made me especially happy when working on this embroidery design. I've been whining for so long about not being able to use many of the techniques I like in my designs because the majority of them belong to needle painting category. Finally I could pour my appreciation for these stitches out in this project!

However, this design has its own mood and character (and materials), and in the end, is different from Crewel works. Personally, I link it more to zentangle and henna, after all.

You can find here elements imitating gemstones and jewelry chains which in combination with golden color as the main one, underline the chic and elegant mood of this design.

For now, this flower is a stand-alone design, but I definitely LOVED using various techniques and the powerful, lively spirit of the finished result. So, for sure, I am looking forward to expanding this into a series of patterns. But slowly!

Hope you liked the new addition to the Stitch Floral family of patterns :) Tell me your thoughts in the comments!


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