Cecelia Rose Stitch Along: your results!

Cecelia Rose Stitching Along: your results!

This post is probably long overdue, but I hope you still remember the Stitch Along we had last month? Because here are some of the amazing results!

Let me just say first, that I was so thrilled to receive your letters about the Stitch Along, letting me know how you were doing, the things you liked, the problems you faced. And knowing that some of you didn't stop at only one rose, but continued to stitch more of them, experimenting with colors, background, different stitches and, generally, adding unique elements to the pattern and making them yours – all of that made me truly elated. Knowing that you enjoyed the process is the best feeling in the world!

I know some of you still didn't finish the pattern, everyone has their schedules, so, please, take your time and don't feel pressured in any way. But I feel like the results' post is already overdue and I shouldn't delay it any further. Nevertheless, hope you continue stitching the roses and show me the results when complete! I love seeing each one of them!

Now, to our heroes!

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Gouri's beautiful rose with creative background and interpretation on the smaller flowers. I already posted it before but it's never enough to praise a hard work!

Cecelia Rose Stitching Along: your results!

Royce's beautiful rose - check more details on her blog! I love the outline – it looks like a real drawing with crayons or pencils, and how you swapped the colors in the petals, going from lighter to darker in the center!

Cecelia Rose Stitching Along: your results!

Doris' brilliant creative take with an original color scheme and geometric frame – such vividness and elegance! It looks awesome!

Cecelia Rose Stitching Along: your results!

And here's Mandy's lovely rose! I must confess that I adore embroidery on burlap fabrics, so I felt really giddy seeing this rose, haha :)

Cecelia Rose Stitch Along: your results!

GORGEOUS rose from @lefotodiangib – this picture gives me such warm rustic feels, ah.

And the dazzling, bursting with colors rose by @hmariane who managed to give it a totally unique mood and style!

Some of you decided to stick to the original pattern and I was even confused for a moment, seeing how close it was to my original embroidery! 

Some of you decided to adjust the design to your individual taste and style, and I'm all for it! Your interpretations always keep me on the edge of the seat, always looking forward to all the charming details. 

And every single one worked hard and deserves all the praise! I was genuinely amazed to hear that for some of you it was the first try in needle painting and shading in particular. You can be proud of yourselves! 

Thank you for taking part in this Stitch Along, and I hope to see you among the participants of the next one! And for now, let's give each other a big warm hug, pat each other on the back and say that we did a great job! Love you!

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