Project report: new floral wreath complete

Here's a new floral wreath that I did as a practice piece. I just stitched it for myself with no certain purpose in mind.

As always I'm terrible with names, but since it is just for myself, I didn't even try to think of anything. So, a "floral wreath" let it be. That will do.

I'm not sure it is 100% finished, to be honest. I mean I might add some more burgundi elements later to balance the design better. I also wonder if someday I get a wish to gift a monogrammed embroidery to someone, and then it would be handy to have this one as a ready base, you know?

Well, anyway, it will have to wait a little bit until I decide what to do with it, so now it is lying hidden in my drawer.

Project report: new floral wreath complete

The flower element is filled with chain stitch here.

To be honest, it is the first time I tried chain stitch as a filler for petals. Usually, I go for long and short stitch, so the change was quite refreshing.

Actually, I don't use the chain stitch so frequently in my embroidery at all and also don't spot it often in others' embroideries nowadays. I don't really know why? We should definitely give it more attention, chain stitch produces such a lovely dimensional and "knitted" effect!

When I think about chain stitch I'm always reminded by Yumiko Higuchi and her wonderful designs, many of which are based exactly on this stitch. She is one of my favorite embroidery artists! If you don't know her, check her IG @yumikohiguchi and she also has few books (translated to English too). If you get inspired and decide to include chain stitch in your embroidery more, you can read 6 tips to make it better and tame it once and for all.

Back to the wreath though, and the middle of the flower is worked using french knots, adding even more dimension to the element. 

Project report: new floral wreath complete

The rest of the wreath sports fly stitched leaves (I'm really weak for them, I also used them in this anemones wreath before), lazy-daisy stitched herbs and some berries, made of french knots.

Project report: new floral wreath complete

And the ground fabric is a piece of quilt cotton in gray color. It is yet another "experiment" for me in this needlework along with the chain stitched flower, because I rarely use a colored background in my works. 

Sorry, I'm not so eloquent today. It's just that I did sport in the morning and now the fatigue hit me haha, but I still wanted to share the embroidery with you.

I'm also working on another practice piece currently, trying some new stuff there as well! Can't wait to show you!

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