April Round-up & new Stitch Along heads-up!

April Round-up & new Stitch Along heads-up!

Is it too late for the round-up post? Well, even if it is, it still has to be done, haha. So, let's rewind the past month here on Stitch Floral and see what we did.

You can see all other monthly round-ups in this tag. It's a tradition on this blog to list all the posts from the last month so that you can catch up on everything you've missed.

Also, I'm going to give some preliminary bits of info on the next Stitch Along! So if you've already read all the April posts, scroll down to the end of this article to see the good news :)

April Round-up

It's been quite a busy month, but what makes me the happiest is that I've managed to complete the Spring Miniatures series! I wasn't sure if I could wrap them all up in one month period, but it worked so the feeling of accomplishment was extra strong this time, haha.

Here's the whole list of all miniatures:

If you are a beginner in embroidery and you feel you need some extra practice to boost your confidence, but you're also reluctant to start something big, then this series is for you.

Most of these designs can be completed in one evening given you have all the materials and instruments ready for stitching. The Primrose and Tulip are the only ones which might take a bit longer to complete since they incorporate long and short stitching. But if you are familiar with this technique it's not going to take you too much time.

In fact, these miniatures are suitable not only for the beginners. If you're a seasoned stitcher in need of occasional easy practice or in search of inspiration for the next project, this set will let you fill up your evenings with lighthearted stitching.

It is really impossible to under stress the importance of occasional practice for stitchers. I personally was in need of some distraction, as I created few new bigger and more serious designs, but was thrown off at the very beginning of working them. Something felt wrong in my choice of colors and stitches. I put them away for a while and concentrated on other things, including these miniatures, and now I see more clearly the way I want to work them.

So, distracting yourself in a lighthearted practice does help and I thoroughly recommend it :)

Also, I shared some completed processes: Euphoria and Peachy. I have various images in my mind when I think of what I want to stitch for the new collection of designs (something like Serenity), but I'm still finding ways of how to implement it all on fabric. I'm on my way, though, pretty content with current results :)

Lastly, our monthly portion of new stitches. In April we completed the Chain stitch family, so let's collectively pat ourselves on the head. Good job :) Here are the new stitches from the last month:

All of the stitches that have been covered by now on Stitch Floral can be found in the Library.

New Stitch Along

Magnolia Stitch Along

Yas! New Stitch Along coming!

It is going to be based on another Trish Burr's design – Magnolia. Except that this time Trish kindly agreed to provide a discount for all the participants on her digital pattern! Yay!

And yes, the design might seem bit complicated, but I will be covering my process of working it from the very beginning, step by step, with pictures, so you will have something to rely on while working it. It's going to be okay, and we will take it slow :)

If you haven't been here for the previous Stitch Alongs yet, check them out here: Pansies and Cecelia.

I'm going to post an official announcement in a few days with all the details, but letting you know here in advance, so that you have the time to let the information sink in and make your plans 😉.  

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