Magnolia Stitch Along is coming. Apply now for discount!

Magnolia Stitch Along

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice weekend and got some rest!

Meanwhile, I have some juicy news for you 馃槈 The third Stitch Along is finally around the corner! We are going to stitch one of Trish Burr's needlepainting designs Magnolia. Accepting applications till Monday, May 21st. Here are some details :)

What is a Stitch Along?

Stitch Along is when a group of stitchers works the same design together.

Usually, it also entails following the same time pattern – meaning by a certain time everyone should finish a certain part. But I prefer being realistic about this because everyone has their own life, routine and schedules. So you only need to gradually work the design along with everyone else, sharing your progress, but you are free to manage your time as you like.

Why stitch in a group?

  1. A lot of us may have insecurities and fear about various aspects in hand embroidery, so knowing that you are not alone working this design and that there are fellow stitchers struggling with the same obstacles is encouraging.
  2. As we are all facing the same design and the same problems, we can communicate and help or give support to one another.
  3. It is just fun to do something together! Especially seeing the end results and how the very same design is interpreted differently from one stitcher to another :)

What is my role?

I will be sort of a guide here. I'm trying this design for the very first time, just like you. And although I already had some experience with needlepainting, this one was still quite out of my usual comfort zone and there were struggles I faced as well.

I'm not really going to play a teacher here. I will be showing my process of working this design step by step with pictures and sharing my insight and tips along the way. It will make things easier for you if you are confused as you will have a vivid example to follow.

Also, during the Stitch Along you can ask ANY questions in the comments section or send me letters through the contact form and I will do my best to help you out.

How complicated is the design? Can I join without experience?

I'm not going to lie and say that it is a piece of cake.

Naturally, if you are a seasoned needlepainter, then it will be a breeze. If you already tried stitching Cecelia Rose and Pansies, then I believe you can tackle Magnolia and it will be a nice step forward.

If you don't have any former experience with needlepainting at all, you still totally can participate in the Stitch Along. Just try practicing long and short stitching beforehand to have a better idea of what is going on :)

Start with long and short stitch lesson, try Primrose and Tulip, check out needlepainting tips here and here and try doing the same exercises.

Attention! It is not an assignment!

What we are NOT going to forget, though, is that we are working this design only for our enjoyment!

You are not going to get grades in the end and your work will not be assessed. We do it purely for your practice, to explore some new areas of embroidery together, shoulder to shoulder, and spend some quality time with needle and thread.

If you face difficulties I will be there for you, we will overcome it together.

Magnolia Stitch Along

Where do I get the pattern?

Trish Burr's design Magnolia can be found in two places:

  1. In her book “Long and short sticthing: a collection of flowers” which you can find on Amazon or Book Depository, or in the nearest book stores or craft stores (they sometimes carry educating literature as well).
  2. Purchase the digital pattern from her store online and get a discount! Trish kindly offered to reduce the price by 25% for the participants of the Stitch Along :)

I'm busy right now, can I join the Stitch Along later?

All of the posts for the Stitch Along will stay on the blog and will be free to access. If you don't have time right now – start whenever you can.

But the discount will be available only for a week! So in this case, you can purchase the pattern now to not lose a good deal, and then join whenever you find the time.

The same applies if you want to join but want to practice long and short stitching first - purchase the pattern now, and start when you feel more confident. 

How do I apply?

Just send me a message saying you want to participate in the Stitch Along through this contact form or the one on the sidebar. I will answer you with details and give you the discount code.

The deadline is on Monday, May 21st! Please, be sure to apply in time, if you are late the discount won't work for you.

Share the news with other stitchers you know, so that more people can join! Last time I got a dozen of late applications asking to participate, frustrated that they didn't see the announcement in time. So let's try and spread the news as much as possible.

Can't wait to start!

Any questions? Ask below in the comments section!

*Also, the blog received a little makeover, right in time for the SA ❤


  1. Hola
    estoy buscando los colores que estas usando pero no lo encuentro
    podr铆as ayudarme por favor?

  2. Hola Rosa!

    El proyecto Magnolia termin贸 en 2018.

    A煤n puedes hacerlo. El patr贸n pertenece a Trish Burr. Puedes encontrarlo en este libro: Costuras largas y cortas. Una colecci贸n de flores.

    ¡No soy due帽o del patr贸n!

    Lo hicimos porque Trish lo permiti贸. No puedo distribuir el patr贸n yo mismo.

    En el libro, encontrar谩s el patr贸n y los colores tambi茅n.


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