Chain stitch family sampler

Chain stitch family sampler

Here's another stitch sampler idea for you :) This time it's prepared for the chain stitch family.

Usually, when we learn new stitches we would use a spare bit of fabric, something we probably wouldn't use for an important project – at least, that's what I do. But in the end, I think it is always great to consolidate the skills by stitching something neat. As an example, here's a quick tiny sampler.

I've stitched in two days but only because I was really slow and took my time distracting on everything and taking breaks in between. Otherwise, I think it's pretty fit for an evening stitching session.

Chain stitch family sampler

Actually, we already closed the chain stitch family in the last month and ideally, I should have prepared the sampler then... But I suddenly got busy with Magnolia design, and my heart was too immersed to be distracted with any other embroidery-related stuff, haha.

Well, now that I have more time on my hands, I decided it's time to give a proper closure to our chain stitch lessons with a wholesome sampler.

From top to bottom here's which stitches are used in the sampler.

Chain stitch family sampler

The first line is a regular chain stitch. Next, we have few lazy daisy stitches which form a “crown”. I like samplers with horizontal lines but didn't want to put the lazy daisy stitch in a row. So, it became a peculiar element topping the sampler. Like a star on a Christmas tree.

Then we have heavy chain stitch and braided chain stitch as two lines in the same color. I like how these two stitches are worked very similarly, except for one little detail in the process. It strengthens their resemblance in dimension and thickness of the line, but at the same time highlights their difference.

Chain stitch family sampler

After that, we have a line of cable chain stitch which is followed by zig zag chain stitch and feathered chain stitch. Having bare horizontal lines in a sampler sometimes can make it boring, so these stitches save the day with their distinctive geometric shapes. Knotted cable chain stitch encloses the segment.

Chain stitch family sampler

More geometry in the shape of double chain stitch! Twisted chain stitch comes after and it is so narrow in this sampler that almost turned into a solid line. You can make the stitches wider, of course.

Chain stitch family sampler

Closing the sampler with my favorite ones! Rosette chain stitch, which was the most tiresome because I decided for some reason to make the stitches smaller and closer to each other which resulted in a longer work. I really love this stitch but sometimes it can be tedious to work.

But the queen of the sampler is miss raised chain stitch! What a beauty, I adore this stitch. After the tiresome rosettes, this one came to soothe my soul, haha. A quick tip which I also mentioned in the lesson before: when you work raised chain stitch, take more strands of floss (I take 4) or thicker thread for the weaving part, so that the line is more dimensional and elegant.

The last one is crested chain stitch worked with the little knots down.

Chain stitch family sampler

The sampler is easy and beneficial at the same time. Take your favorite thread and colors, nice piece of fabric, adjust the order of the stitches as you like and practice them creating something pretty :)

Here are all the stitches used for the sampler:

All the stitches covered so far on Stitch Floral can be found in the Stitch Library or under the tag Stitches.

How do you practice new stitches? Do you work samplers after you learn them? Also, are there any particular stitches you would like to learn next? Share your thoughts in the comments! :)

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