Magnolia Stitch Along Part 3

Magnolia Stitch Along Part 3

Hello everyone! The third part of our Stitch Along has arrived and today we are working on the rest of the green leaves! So, take your needle and thread and let's get some stitching done!


I didn't get as much feedback on the previous part as on the first part. Was it too much? Was it too hard? Tell me if things are getting too overwhelming for you so that I can help with something, okay?

Also, thank you, everyone, for sharing your progress, I appreciate! You are doing great, let's keep up the good pace.

Those who just started because of the circumstances – looking forward to seeing your results as well, enjoy the process and share your impressions!

If you feel burnt out, it is okay! Take a break to recharge your batteries and come back to us.

I'm telling you this because I tend to get burnt out from stitching similar things too, and it was hard for me to keep working the green leaves non-stop. If I wasn't in charge of the Stitch Along and just stitched purely for my heart's delight, I would take a break from the leaves and get some other areas done and then come back to the leaves. That's my usual pattern of working designs with repeating elements. If you relate, then maybe you can take a break till the next part where we are going to work the flower, and then get back to the leaves.

Well, noone knows your stitching habits better than you do, so you do you! Just be comfortable and make sure you enjoy the Stitch Along and don't stress about things :) You still have time to catch up :)

If you missed the previous parts, follow these links:

There's not much else to say, so shall we start now?

Green Leaves Part 2

Last time we worked 4 leaves, starting from the one closest to the flower on the right and proceeding clockwise. Today we are going to work 4 more leaves until we complete this part of the design.

Just like last time, we are using threads A, B, C, D, E, F from the index page, with 1 strand in the needle. And we will apply satin stitch and long and short stitch techniques.

Leaf #5

Magnolia Stitch Along Part 3

1. For this leaf we have two patches of thread B and C on one of the sides, so first we can work these areas.

2. Then add the darker E color. Complete the whole first row in this color, leaving a bit of free space closer to the central vein.

3. And now we can complete this side of the leaf by throwing in color F along the whole side of it.

4. For the other side, work a row of stitches in color D first, avoiding the tip of the leaf. And then add the second row of color C there, including the tip of the leaf.

5. I am not sure if color B is present there, but I think it would do no harm adding it first and then laying the lightest A color on top of it. That's what I did. It might not be as distinct, because the row of B thread was not really complete, there were scarce stitches thrown here and there just to tone down the inclusion of the whighter color.

Leaf #6

Magnolia Stitch Along Part 3

1. This leaf reminds of the 4th one a little with its angles. We work one of the sides in the threads B and A first.

2. Adding scarce stitches in thread C first, and then completing this side of the leaf by working long and short stitch in thread D.

3. There is a spot of thread D in the corner of the other side of the leaf, so work it first and then start adding thread C to continue the first row of stitches.

4. Complete the leaf by working a row of long and short stitches in thread B.

Leaf #7

Magnolia Stitch Along Part 3

1. On the right side, work the area closer to the tip of the leaf in satin stitch turning it into long and short stitch as you go further, using thread B.

2. Add sporadic stitches in thread C here and there.

3. The common behavior of color on this side of the leaf is that we continue the first row of stitches with a new color and then it washes over the previous one. So, after the steps 1 and 2, you need to add thread D to the first row and then add long and short stitches over the B+C duo. Then do the same with color E: continue the first row for a bit and then add long and short stitches over the area of D color.

4. In the end, use thread F to complete the first row and then work long and short stitching on top of the whole first row of the stitches. Along the whole side.

Magnolia Stitch Along Part 3

5. For the other side, make a row of slanted parallel stitches in thread E.

6. Then proceed with the second row of long and short stitches in color C.

7. The view of the completed leaf.

Leaf #8

Magnolia Stitch Along Part 3

1. You can work the “independent” areas of colors first: C and D on the left side and B and E on the right side.

2. Next, on the left side, add a row of long and short stitches in thread E starting at the tip of the leaf and going down to its base.

3. Sorry for the messed up angle of the picture, but hope it is clear enough to see the areas of color, haha.

So, that's it!

The green leaves are complete now, next stop is the Magnolia bloom! It's going to be preeetty :)

By the way! You might notice that I omitted some details for now, like working the veins of the leaves and the folded parts – it is because I worked them in the very end. If you don't want to leave these things until last and feel like completing it now, go ahead!

Hope to see more feedback on this part :) 

Write me how things are going for you, where you are standing at currently, how difficult it is and if you need anything, even if it is just some moral support, okay? I love how you guys support each other here and on Instagram, it is really heartwarming :)

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