August Round-Up

September's already here, are you feeling the autumn vibes?? I don't, haha. Well, but the round-up for August is still a must, so let's do that!

Sorry the past month was not so eventful here on Stitch Floral. Certain circumstances were the reason. I had a lot of ideas for the past month, though, and many were not fulfilled so I'm planning to move them to September. Hoping for a really exciting ride during this month!

Nevertheless, there were some important posts, so why don't we take a look back at them. If you missed anything, make sure to catch up :)

New collection

First things first, thank you for showing love to my new designs! The new collection “Aqua botanicals” was released at the beginning of August and is already available in my Etsy shop!

The fresh designs portray quirky botanical sketches turned into embroidery. I didn't use any complicated stitches there, everything is quite basic and suitable for beginners as much as experienced stitchers.

They are worked in a bright color palette which is a bit unusual for my pastel-loving soul, but I really loved the process and the result. Find out more about this collection in the introduction post and in behind the scenes where I talk about how I've worked the designs over multiple times. Seems like many of you were able to relate to the last part, haha. 

Embroidery tips

Posts with needlepainting tips have imperceptibly almost become a monthly tradition on Stitch Floral. I didn't really expect that when I wrote the first post on this topic, but the response is always nice and I realize that many stitchers want to explore needlepainting more closely. There are indeed many sides to this art that can be discussed!

For example, in August we spoke about shading in patches. It implies situations when the shading is not done in gradual horizontal rows like we are used to seeing in tutorials, but rather in spots of color.

It is an amusing topic and I recommend everyone to do the exercises from the post. Also, check out the previous posts under the needlepainting tips tag. There are more ideas for your needlepainting practice so you can explore this artistry deeper.

Another post with tips was about thread transporting from one place to the other on the backside and how it can cause fabric puckering if not executed correctly. Yes, even such small details can contribute to the fabric puckering – something we all fear and do our best to avoid, right? So don't make the mistakes described in the post! Let's be careful.

Magnolia Stitch Along results

Probably, my favorite post from the last month!

Ah, what a delight to see your wonderful works, the finished (and not so much) Magnolias! Every work is unique. Every stitcher added something from themselves and interpreted some parts differently. Looking at all these details and seeing the design through your eyes is always a thrilling experience.

See the results of our Magnolia Stitch Along and let's appreciate our hard work together.

The post will continue to be updated as I slowly get more of your results so you can visit it from time to time to make sure you haven't missed the new works, hehe.

Also, I'm receiving your suggestions for the new Stitch Along and I consider each of your ideas. Keep them coming, I want to know what you would like to work together next time :)

September plans

This month I want to provide more content for you and compensate for a little drought in August.

Things you can expect: new needlepainting tips (must keep the tradition alive), new stitches lessons, a couple tutorials that I want to make no matter what (because they've been pending in my planner for too long now, hm) and also some treats for beginner stitchers.

I'm still not in my most productive state, but it's time to get it together. Let's do this!

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