May & June Round up and new designs

May & June Round up and new designs

July has come and it means that before we dive into the new month' activities, it is time for the traditional round-up. Let's remember what happened on StitchFlroal during the past two months and catch up with what you might have missed. You will also get a little sneak peek to my new series of designs and will know what to expect from July :)

May & June round-up

This time I'm joining two months – May and June – because we had our Magnolia Stitch Along split between them.

The stitch along has come to an end and some of you already have finished the design! I can't express how proud I am every time I see your works! Everyone is doing their best and I'm just happy to see how you progress and enjoy the project. Keep the updates and results coming, I can't get enough of seeing your embroidery!

By the way, if you weren't among the participants but would like to work the design now, you can still do that as long as you get your hands on the pattern. So if you feel like trying yourself in needlepainting, grab Trish Burr's book "Long and short stitch embroidery: a collection of flowers" or purchase the pattern at her digital store.

The whole process of working the design is documented here to assis you:

Speaking of needlepainting, there was also a post with few tips. Namely, how the difference in length of your long and short stitches will affect the final look of your embroidery and that it doesn't really have to be the strict two levels like many diagrams show. For more details head to the post: Needlepainting tips Part 3.

We also worked a Chain Stitch family sampler and added few new stitches to our Stitch Library:

Recently we've discussed the matter of choosing the fabric for hand embroidery and while I was listing all the important points I believe you should be aware of, I tried hard to keep your mind open to various possibilities. Don't be afraid to experiment, but also be careful. Have a testing piece of fabric to know for sure whether it will suit your next project or not.

Another important for me topic that was brought up last month touches upon anxiety and lack of confidence when you are met with talented stitchers and their works. The voice within that says “you'll never be as good” can be really stubborn at times, so let's remember the 4 things that will help to shut it down.

And, of course, a summer freebie for everyone :) Here's the lemon tree pdf tutorial, that you can download for free and start right now. It contains a pattern and step-by-step instructions, so it suits beginners perfectly. Check the freebies tag for more goodies!

Lastly, here's the throwback to my past ribbon embroidery work. There's a special reason why I left this post for the last. And it's because I intend to do some ribbon embroidery tutorials this month!

July plans

So, as I already mentioned, one of the things to expect from July are ribbon embroidery tutorials. Or maybe I will capture the process of working some piece. I haven't decided yet, so all the suggestions are welcome.

One thing I know for sure is that I'm going to make ribbons out of my old silk scarf so there will be a bit of DIY because I'm gonna color them.

Also, expect new stitches. As always, each month we add few stitches to the Library, and July won't be an exception.

Needlepainting tips will make a comeback too. I already know what I want to speak about: needlepainting in “patches”. So you can anticipate Part 4 for this series.

Other news

I'm working on a new series of designs :)

They are of different difficulty levels and contain basic needlepainting for those of you who want to practice it. The palette is Aqua + Coral. This combination is a bit out of my comfort zone so I was really glad when it worked out!

Here are some previews of the first complete design.

Aqua botanicals

Aqua botanicals

Aqua botanicals

Actually, you might have already seen a glimpse of it if you follow me on Instagram (and it made a cameo in the last post, haha). All in all, there're going to be 3 designs for this series. Each one has botanical vibes, but they are closer to doodles and don't represent any real-world plants.

Please look forward to the new collection of designs this July :)

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